Water Cutting

Directional Water Cutting

AB PIPELINE SERVICES LTD offers a directional water cutter purpose-built for the removal of tree root ingress. Our cutter can accurately cut the tree roots from each joint or crack as it passes through the pipe when used in conjunction with one of our CCTV inspection units and 10,000psi tanker jetting unit. This cutter will remove tree roots, scale, encrustation and even hard materials such as concrete. Our directional water cutter is also used in conjunction with our sewer relining process to remove intrusions prior to relining. We usually recommend that pipes be re-lined on completion of any root cutting works to prevent any further damage.

  • Sizes from 100mm upwards
  • Remote operation
  • Suitable for many applications
  • Compatible with our CCTV units

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Email: sales@abpipelines.co.uk

Drain and Pipeline services

We offer a number of drain and pipeline services from intricate diagnostics with our robotic CCTV unit to clearing clogged pipes with high pressure water devices.
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