Sewer Relining

Sewer Relining

sewer-relining AB PIPELINE SERVICES LTD offer an innovative structural relining system that provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe repair and excavation methods. Our structural relining system is classed as a type 2 structural lining system in accordance with the sewer classification manual.

Perfect where access is difficult

Each liner is designed to overcome many common drain, pipeline and sewer problems such as cracks, fractures, broken pipes, open joints and infiltration. It is also ideal for repairing defective pipes in difficult locations where excavation is not possible or access if restricted.

Specialist linings for sensitive sites

Chemical resistant resins can be specified for sensitive sites and extended life requirements, for example, where corrosive waste may be present. Installation is rapid, keeping disruption to a minimum.

Dealing with deformed pipes

In certain situations, a deformed pipe can be reformed back to within 10 percent deformation allowing the extended life of a collapsing sewer. On completion of the relining process, any lateral connections can be reopened using our robotic cutter.

  • Sizes from 100mm upwards
  • Computer designed liners
  • No dig repair solution
  • Various installation and curing methods (to suit site circumstances)

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Drain and Pipeline services

We offer a number of drain and pipeline services from intricate diagnostics with our robotic CCTV unit to clearing clogged pipes with high pressure water devices.
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