Patch repairs

Patch Repairs

A drain patch repair or spot repair is a small section of liner that targets specific defects such as a root damaged joint, a burst pipe or a fractured length of pipe.

The super smooth finish of the installed liner more than compensates for the nominal diameter loss and patch liners offer a smooth chamfered transition from the host pipe to the liner.

How Patch Repairs work

A woven fabric patch is treated with an epoxy resin before being wrapped around an inflatable packer. The packer is then inserted into the drain or sewer up to the point of the defect.

The packer is then inflated and holds the patch mechanically to the host pipe until the curing process is complete. The packer is then deflated and removed leaving a smooth patch repair over the defective joint or fracture.

Ideal for targeting specific defects such as damaged joints, fractures, and misaligned pipework, the patch repair method allows the repair of defects between drainage and sewer pipe junctions and connections without capping them off.

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