Yuk! The top five reasons for blocked drains

Blocked drains can be the bane of many homeowners’ lives, causing problems with water draining, toilet flushing and unwelcome smells in the home. Getting the drains cleaned need not be a costly exercise, but it is important to understand what can cause a drain to be blocked and how you can best protect yours.

At AB Pipelines, we work with blocked and broken drains all the time, with the culprit usually being one of five things:

  1. Grease and fat

Did you know that you should never pour grease and fat down the sink? We recommend leaving it to harden and then putting it in the bin. This is because pouring fat down the kitchen sink gives the pipework an unhealthy coating of sticky gloop which can accumulate and cause blockages. These types of scenarios can only get worse, and as debris accumulates over time, can even cause broken pipes. You may have seen the widely publicised fatberg that was found in a London sewer weighing a whopping 15 tonnes.

  1. Toiletries

Although most of us know that we shouldn’t put things like wet wipes and cotton wool down the toilet, it still seems to be a common cause of drain blockages. Putting things like sanitary towels, baby wipes and cotton wool in the toilet instead of the bin can result in obstructions which means water backs up and doesn’t drain properly.

  1. Water flow issues

In order for pipes to work efficiently, it is important to ensure that all pipework is installed correctly to ensure that adequate water flows. Pipes that don’t have enough gravity can make it difficult for water to flush things through, leading to an accumulation of toilet paper, for example.

  1. Broken pipes

When drains are broken, they can collapse and lead to blockages. Things like tree roots, the age of the pipes and poor installation can all cause broken pipes and cause significant problems. Keep tree roots in mind when planning your garden, as they can cause problems that are costly to fix.

  1. Heavy rains or storms

After heavy rain, outside drains can become blocked with leaves, dirt and other material, which can result in flooding and property damage. Keeping outside drains clear and free from debris can ensure that the water flow is not disrupted.


Are you in need of a drain unblocking or are there strange smells wafting up from your drains? Call us today and we will come and inspect your drains with our CCTV cameras to diagnose the problem and remove any blockages.