Sewer Location Without The Need For Excavation

If you are moving into a new home or relocating your business to new premises, you will understandably want to do as many checks as possible to avoid any potential problems. If you move into a new property only to find that there are many frustrating problems that need to be dealt with, such as faulty, damaged pipelines that are in need of maintenance, the situation is not only stressful, but can be very expensive.

Whilst some issues are clear to see, problems with underground sewage pipelines are much harder to spot as they are hidden from the human eye. However, this doesn’t mean that sewers can’t be checked; by enlisting a sewer locating service, you could save a lot of money in the long term by being able to identify and anticipate any problems and fix them before they worsen.

Using radio-detection technology, the experts can locate pipelines and then carry out a full inspection using a robotic CCTV inspection unit to look closely at the condition of sewage pipes.

When to invest in sewer locating

There are a few important reasons to consider sewer locating services, for example:

  • If you are responsible for a drain on your property
  • If your property has been affected by sewer flooding in the past, then sewer location could help you to find the root cause of the flooding
  • If you are looking to extend your property, it’s important to know where sewage pipelines are located, as the route of the sewage system could either prevent you from building an extension, or should you build over sewage pipes, it could be a very messy and expensive job to fix problems if your property has to be dug up

The sewer locating process

In a lot of cases, it’s difficult to confirm exactly where underground sewage pipelines lie without sewer location technology. Oftentimes, draft drawings are incomplete as additions may have been made, or extensions added that warranted changes or additions to sewage pipelines.

An underground sewer and draining tracing service uses specialist radio-detection technology to locate pipelines through even the roughest terrain without the need for excavation. Wireless signals can be sent down to locate pipelines and check whether they will impact on any plans for development or if they will need further inspection.

Sewer locating is often carried out in combination with other pipeline services, such as more thorough inspections, repair and maintenance work. The insides of larger sewage pipelines can be inspected using robotic CCTV inspection equipment that can be controlled to navigate pipelines without the need for excavation. This provides the information you need to work out if repair work is needed and if so, how much it is likely to cost.

As a specialist pipeline contractor, AB Pipeline Services LTD can carry out a wide range of services in conjunction with sewer locating, for example, sewer relining, robotic and water cutting, blockage clearing and patch repairs. For more information from us, please call us on 01252 838888 or get in touch via our website.