Patch Repairs: The Affordable Solution to Damaged Pipework

There are a number of causes for a blocked drain and in many cases the problem can be resolved easily. However, if you have a damaged or cracked pipe, you’ll need to have it repaired or replaced and excavation can be costly. Excavation can also be quite a timely and inconvenient process – especially when only a small section of the pipework is in need of attention.

How cracks are formed

A crack may appear within a section of the pipework when the surrounding earth or foundations shift and put pressure on the pipe. Over time the pressure can mount and cause the crack to get larger. If effluent leaks out into the soil and increases this pressure further, the crack may grow into a fracture, leading the pipe to lose its shape over time and collapse. Sectional damage may also be caused by tree root ingress or a defect in the pipe which again, over time, could lead to more serious failure.

If your pipe is blocked due to cracks or damage, you’ll need to have the section repaired before it leads to a collapse. A localised patch repair can permanently seal any cracks in the pipework without the need for excavation. Patch repairing is used to quickly repair cracked, damaged, defective or misaligned pipes that don’t need to be entirely replaced, making it an affordable solution with effective results.

The pipe patching process

The patch sleeve is formed from a fibreglass matting combined with silicate resin. It is made to the desired length – generally one to two metres – and passed into the damaged section of the pipework. Here it is inflated to exactly mould around and line the damaged pipe, and left until the resin has cured and created a solid structural lining.

Patch repairs are suited to plastic, concrete, clay or pitch fibre piping that has been cracked or fractured, or has been displaced and is leaking at certain parts. It is also suitable to align pipes which change in diameter and may cause problems at the connections.

What are the benefits of a patch repair?

For isolated damage or misalignment, pipe patching can be a much more cost-effective alternative to conventional restorative techniques. In addition, there are several other benefits to a patch repair:

  • Pipe patching saves a lot of time – there is no need for digging and having to restore roads, driveways or landscaping above the pipelines.
  • Because it can be carried out quickly, having a patch repair should cause you minimal disruption and inconvenience.
  • The new permanent relining is extremely durable and can greatly help to improve pipe flow and reduce blockages. It is also resistant to corrosion from chemicals or effluents.

At AB Pipelines we can carry out effective localised patch repairs for a range of pipe sizes. We can help to identify the cause of a blocked drain and help you to cost-effectively repair cracked or problem pipework. For more information about our services or to speak to us about pipe patching for your property, you can give us a call on 01252 838888 or email