Buying a House? Be Sure to Book a Drain Survey

Whether you’re moving into a new property or an old one, finding your dream home is a costly process and with all the excitement of house hunting, it’s easy to miss a few things. Your drainage system is one of them, however, it’s something that could lead to unexpected and expensive repair costs further down the line.

A CCTV drain survey can prevent the unexpected costs of problems such as a collapsed drain, fractured pipe or tree root ingress. Having an inspection completed before you sign the legal documents for the property will save you a lot of trouble when responsibility for the drainage system becomes yours.

Why might you need a CCTV drain survey?

Your drain carries waste and surface water to the public sewer. When you buy a new home you’ll be responsible for maintaining the drain, as well as gutters and rainwater pipes. Older properties are more susceptible to drainage issues, which is why a drain survey is essential for ensuring a safe and problem-free living. However even with newer houses you might want to consider getting a CCTV inspection if you notice the following:

  • Your house has been built at the bottom of a hill
  • There is seepage from the side of a hill
  • There is erosion in the garden, or it’s wet and soggy
  • You have a clay sewer system
  • There are signs of water damage in the basement
  • Surface water drainage flows onto a neighbour’s
  • The previous owner has informed you about flooding in heavy rains

Hiring a CCTV drain survey expert

Getting in a CCTV drain survey specialist will allow you to identify any drainage system problems before you buy the property. As a one-off cost, it could potentially save you thousands of pounds later on if you need time-consuming repairs or replacements.

CCTV drainage system inspections use the latest technology to check for blockage, cracks or other problems, without the need for excavation. This means that you’ll have a better understanding of the condition of your new property before you invest, in little time at all. If any problems are detected with the drainage system, your specialist will be able to give you an estimate for the costs of work needed. You may be able to negotiate a better price for the property with the seller, or if there is a major issue you may decide not to buy. The CCTV survey could therefore save you a lot of stress as well as money on your new home.

At AB Pipelines our expert surveyors carry out high quality inspections, available in MPEG 2 format with the option for still photography. Using the latest equipment we’ll process the survey onsite and provide you with a full report. If you’ll be buying your home with a loan you’ll be able to provide this as proof to your mortgage lender, and you’ll also be able to use the survey for any insurance claims.

If you’re buying a new home and you’d like to find out more about our CCTV drain surveys in Surrey and the South, you can call us on 01252 838888 or email