The benefits of high pressure pipe cleaning

Ensuring that your pipes and drains are clean and free of debris is the key to ensuring that a system works efficiently. But it’s something we don’t often think about until it goes wrong, which can be extremely costly.

You may have seen the ten-tonne lump of fat, also known as a ‘fatberg’ that was recently removed from a West London sewer. The toxic lump of fat was 40 metres long and so heavy that it broke the sewer – doing £400,000 worth of damage.

By using high pressure pipe cleaning, you can keep ahead of the game and nip potential problems in the bud, saving time and money in the long run.

Here, we outline the top five benefits of high pressure pipe cleaning:

  1. It flushes the system

When it comes to drain line blockages, grease, sludge, sand and debris are the usual suspects. A high pressure drain cleaning system can break up these elements so that everything runs smoothly. This is especially useful in industries such as restaurants and take-aways, where grease and grime may build up over a short time period.

  1. It is environmentally friendly

High pressure water jetting is environmentally friendly thanks to the fact that it does not use chemicals. Using only the pressure of water, it is an effective method of tackling blockages that keeps the environment in mind.

  1. It’s less damaging

Because water jetting does not use heavy duty instruments or chemicals, it retains pipe integrity. On the other hand, when you use bulky equipment and chemicals, you run the risk of bumps, bashes and pipe corrosion, which can be costlier to fix.

  1. It’s quicker

Drain and pipe jetting is much quicker than other cleaning methods. Trying to prod and poke an obstruction can sometimes take days, whereas most problems can be sorted with just a couple of hours of high pressure pipe cleaning. A robotic CCTV survey can also help to cut the time it takes to locate the blockage, getting the job done even quicker.

  1. It’s long lasting

The effect of the high pressure, scalding water makes it more difficult for dirt and debris to collect again. It also removes any clogs that may have developed into a bigger problem – proving that high pressure jet washing offers great value for money.

At AB Pipeline Services, we offer a comprehensive range of pipe cleaning options and work on blockages big and small. From clearing a blocked drain on a private home, to major cleaning contracts on public sewers and pre-adoption works, we offer flexibility and fair pricing. For further information, please call: 01252 838888 or email: