How to avoid drain and sewer blockages this Christmas

Because we tend to prepare and eat far more food over the Christmas period, issues with drainage and sewage blockage can become a big problem, especially when grease and left-overs are not properly disposed of.

Here we offer some key tips on avoiding blockages in domestic drain and sewage systems during December, and the top services we offer if disaster strikes!

  1. Bin it!

Whether it’s the by-product of cooking, such as potato peels or meat fat, or left-overs from a festive meal, it’s important to make sure all unwanted food and grease is not disposed of down the sink. Attempting to put all ‘solids’ into the bin before washing plates and cutlery can contribute hugely to avoiding build-up, blockages and flooding.

  1. Make use of a plughole strainer

To help avoid blockages, it’s a great idea to have a plughole strainer in your kitchen sink that can collect any residual bits and pieces that don’t find their way into the bin first time around. You’d be very surprised how much of this small debris can be picked up, and how large a part it can play in causing or adding to blockage problems.

  1. Never, ever pour

Yes, meat fat is smelly and unsightly and you really want it gone – but pouring it directly down the sink can have far smellier and more unsightly consequences! The build-up of fat and grease is amongst the most common causes of drain and sewer blockage, so try to pour excess fat into a glass jar where it will solidify, before putting it in the bin.

Top services when blockages do occur…

  1. Emergency Blockage Clearing

Whether it’s a drain blockage or an issue with sewer piping, flooding can put a real dampener on your festive cheer! We offer a quick and affordable emergency solution for drain and sewer blockages, with a team of experienced operators on hand to assess and fix piping issues.

  1. High-pressure jetting

Food debris and grease can contribute to hard material blockages that must be manually dislodged from a piping system, drain or sewage pipe. Water jetting offers a high-powered and effective solution. Our jetting units are capable of removing the stubborn blockages before real issues occur.

  1. CCTV Investigations

In more serious cases a blockage caused by food debris and grease may occur in a concealed pipe system below ground, making the issue difficult to identify. In these cases exploratory CCTV drain and sewer inspection technology can be used to find the source of the issue and clear it.

If your property is experiencing issues with blocked drains caused by kitchen waste, please call our expert team on 01252 838888.