A 2017 Roundup from AB Pipelines

At the end of what has certainly been a successful and eventful year here at AB Pipelines, we look back at some of our top blog posts and memorable moments from 2017:

Way back in March we advised homeowners to request a CCTV drain survey on a property before putting pen to paper. Drain surveys can prevent the unexpected costs of problems such as a collapsed drain, fractured pipe or tree root ingress.

In April we urged our readers to making sure that domestic and commercial drains are clear, clean and doing their job. This is one of the most overlooked home maintenance tasks, and if ignored, can have disastrous consequences. 

We took this fantastic underground image during a Sewer CCTV inspection during May, this unique egg shaped sewer line was particularly impressive.

Blocked drains were a common complaint from customers during the summer, so in June we offered some handy advice on how to prevent blockages. Often the bane of many homeowners’ lives, blockages often cause problems with water draining, toilet flushing and unwelcome smells in the home…

We also invested in some new equipment over the summer, with three new escape sets added to our confined spaces equipment (pictured).

In July we undertook a large scale project to remove metres of tree roots from a sewer system in Hampshire. The operation was a great success, with a considerable amount of rooting removed and free flow restored.


In September we took to our blog to describe the wide range of industry leading pipeline solutions that we offer, and looked at five of the most popular services chosen by our customers during 2017.

During the autumn we were frequently called out to commercial properties where outdoor drains and sewerage systems had been severely clogged by fallen leaves – causing drain blockages, flooding and a lot of unpleasant mess!

As November rolled in we invested in a transportation upgrade (pictured) with a brand new van replacing our tried and tested older model!

So as we wave goodbye to a busy 2017, all that is left to do is thank our fantastic customers! The team at AB Pipelines look forward to working with you all in 2018.

If you would like to find out more about the services we offer, please get in touch.