High Pressure Water Jetting

High Pressure Water Jetting

AB PIPELINE SERVICES LTD offers a comprehensive range of jetting options. Our trailer mounted jetting units and lorry mounted tanker jetting units provide water pressures between 2,000psi to 10,000psi at various water volumes. Each machine is designed to cover all of the drain and sewerage services we offer, from silt cleaning and root cutting to the removal of hard materials such as encrustation or even concrete.

We can tackle most types of job from clearing a blocked drain on a private house through to major cleaning contracts on public sewers and pre-adoption works. It is because of this flexibility, fast response and fair pricing that we are preferred suppliers to big name companies in the South of England.

  • Sizes from 32mm to major trunk sewers
  • Low and high pressure water jetting units
  • Silt to concrete removal
  • Cleaning of slot drains, pipes and manholes

Tel: 01252 838888
Email: sales@abpipelines.co.uk

Drain and Pipeline services

We offer a number of drain and pipeline services from intricate diagnostics with our robotic CCTV unit to clearing clogged pipes with high pressure water devices.
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